Company profile

Our brand values

Florett Betriebsgebäude 1959

Varomed 's vision

Everybody should have the possibility to wear shoes that fit!
With our high-quality medical products we would like to offer our customers a higher mobility and therefore a higher quality of life.
Every day we work on developing our product range so that we can offer an individual solution for every foot problem.

Varomed - experience

German shoe factory since 1959
As a longstanding German shoe manufacturer we are able to interlink tradition and innovation.
Since 1959 we have been creating high-quality products and offering a suitable solution for the most different foot problems. We put a lot of experience as well as heart and soul into the development of new shoes in order to make them not only functional but also optically appealing.
We are continuously researching and working on new shoe solutions in order to further develop our product range.

Varomed - sustainability

Made in Germany & Made in Europe
Sustainability is an important value for our shoe factory. Therefore, the majority of our products are manufactured directly at our company location in Bavaria and is hence “made in Germany”. We also focus on sustainability when it comes to material purchasing for our shoes. We cooperate solely with EU suppliers and watch out for particularly short transportation routes. By choosing our shoes you can also reduce your ecological footprint.

Varomed - quality

Varomed - The original with the V
As the German shoe manufacturer Florett we sell our products under the registered brand name Varomed. Varomed products have established themselves as a German quality product, which is why we can proudly say: “We are the original with the V!” We pay attention to fair working conditions, sustainable production processes and an excellent quality of our shoes. As a  medical product manufacturer we are obliged to follow strict legal guidelines. Our certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485 certifies that we respect those.