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Shoes designed for feet with particular needs

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Over the course of their lifetime, the average person covers approximately 160,000km on foot. But this is not always pain free. Almost everyone is born with healthy feet. Statistics show, however, that more than half of all adults suffer from foot problems such as splayfoot, heel spurs and hallux valgus, among others.

According to experts, this is a primarily a result of people wearing the wrong footwear. However, illnesses such as diabetes and rheumatism can also lead to painful foot disorders.

As a medium-sized family business, we develop and produce special shoes for people with foot problems at our premises in Germany. Our collection consists of a wide variety of shoes for painful, tender and sensitive feet with bandages, inflammation, swelling, deformities, malpositions, diabetic foot syndrome, lymphedema and lipoedema, and peroneal nerve paralysis.


Slippers - designed to accommodate orthopaedic insoles

Active Shoes - for wide, sensitive and painful feet

Winter Boots - for wide, sensitive and swollen feet

Lymph Shoes - for swollen feet with lymphedema or lipedema

Stretch Shoes - for deformed and tender feet

Therapy Shoes - for feet wrapped in bandages or compresses

Diabetic Shoes - for feet with diabetic foot syndrome

Prophylactic Shoes - for sensitive feet and sufferers of diabetic foot syndrome

Shoes for Care Professionals - for particularly fatigued feet

When developing our products, we work hand in hand with orthopaedic specialists, as well as experts from the healthcare industry and specialist clinics. We also apply the experiences of our customers and test groups when designing each of our models. 

Mobility means a better quality of life: We aim to improve your mobility with our products thus improving your quality
of life.