Varomed® Therapy shoes

Our therapy shoes provide the wearer’s feet with both a stable platform and enough room to be comfortable. Moreover, they apply hardly any pressure on the foot due to their high adjustability. In this way, the shoes facilitate movement and alleviate pain.
Even patients recovering from wounds or edema, who must wear heavy bandages, will have enough space for their feet in the shoes.
We aim to promote mobility, prevent the accumulation of new wounds, and to support the the healing process.
For this reason, many of our therapy shoes can be washed at 30° to hygienically remove secretion from wounds and other bodily fluids. These models are marked with the machine washable symbol.
Shoes with a synthetic leather upper or natural wool lining are not washable. They can, however, be cleaned with a moist cloth or brush, lukewarm water, and a mild cleaning agent.

When should you consider wearing Varomed® therapy shoes?

  • in combination with bandages and compresses used to treat injuries, wounds, swelling, skin irritation and/or inflammation
  • following an operation to correct foot deformities
  • at home, or while caring for patients
  • for tender, sensitive feet
  • for foot deformities

What are the benefits of Varomed® therapy shoes?

  • large straps make them easy to open and close, even for those with limited mobility
  • open either all or most of the way, making them easy to put on andtake off
  • Velcro straps provide infinite adjustment and grip the foot securely
  • flexible fit to accommodate swelling increasing or going down
  • sufficient room for bandages and footbeds
  • light weight

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