Varomed® Stretch shoes

Stretchy materials in the upper bring palpable relief to the wearer. The combination of materials and the profile of these models provide stability, while alleviating pressure where it matters most. Stretch shoes continue to fit perfectly, even as swelling increases or goes down throughout the day. This prevents pinching and blisters. Worn in combination with orthopaedic insoles, these shoes can reduce pain and prevent unhealthy posture.

When should you consider wearing Varomed® stretch shoes?

  • for deformations, malpositions and inflammation caused by rheumatism, arthritis and other degenerative diseases
  • for diseases which cause feet to vary greatly in size throughout the day
  • for hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, hammer toes, and corns
  • for tender, sensitive feet

What are the benefits of Varomed® stretch shoes?

  • Velcro straps provide infinite adjustment and grip the foot securely
  • the sole can be made to measure by a professional
  • stretchy part relieve pressure from the foot
  • made to fit all shapes of feet perfectly
  • enough room for customised insoles
  • discretely conceal foot abnormalities

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