Varomed vital® Slippers

We often underestimate the amount of time we spend in our shoes at home.
Especially here it is important to wear well fitting slippers. Therefore, our slippers are either ergonomically shaped or suitable for custom insoles.

There are many reasons why insoles may be prescribed. If used at an early stage, they can protect the feet and locomotor system from secondary diseases. This is why it is crucial for slippers to have enough space even for large insoles, without constricting the feet. For this purpose we have developed a collection in slightly wider width H, and with additional space for customised foot beds. The insoles lie within the outer sole, preventing them from slipping.

When should you consider wearing Varomed vital® slippers?

  • when the shape of the foot makes wearing bandage shoes unnecessary
  • for mild foot deformities and/or malpositions
  • at home, or while caring for patients

What are the benefits of Varomed vital® slippers?

  • specially designed for loose insole inserts
  • loose insole inserts or ergonomically shaped fixed insole
  • slip on easily

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