Varomed® Prophylactic shoes

It is extremely important for sensitive feet to be protected by well-fitting footwear. This is especially true with regard to the width of the shoe in the bunion area. We use soft, durable leather as the material for the upper. To prevent pinching and empty space, the shoes contain additional padding and a Dialino lining with wicking properties. As far as physically possible, we keep seams away from the shoe’s interior.

When should you consider wearing Varomed® prophylactic shoes?

  • for tender, sensitive feet
  • for mild polyneuropathy
  • for poor circulation

What are the benefits of Varomed® prophylactic shoes?

  • protect and cup the wearer’s feet, without pinching
  • enough room for customised and diabetic insoles
  • well-padded uppers suitable for sensitive feet
  • soft Dialino lining to regulate temperature
  • no internal seams, to prevent irritation

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