Florett - Relief for your feet

Being situated in Cham in the east of Bavaria, on the edge of the Bavarian Forest, we have been designing and manufacturing comfortable and orthopaedic shoes for nearly 60 years now - we being Florett, a medium-sized shoe manufacturer, that has decided to produce in Germany and to constantly extend and develop its product line and range.

Thus the idea for the trademark Varomed® – the perfect shoe for special needs - was born in 1997. This was our successful start on the orthopaedic market.

Meanwhile our product range of Varomed® shoes encompasses about 100 models - a variety of models to accommodate a variety of foot problems as a result of injuries, operations, deformities or illnesses from Hallux Valgus to peroneal paralysis.

We aspire to combine style with functionality without losing sight of our aim: creating the perfect shoe for people with special needs and optimising the way it helps people.

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