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Peroneal paralysis

The cause for a paralysed Peroneus nerve are quite diverse. Mostly it is caused by stroke, disc prolapse or multiple sclerosis. The pattern, however, is the same: The nerve activating the foot to lift is damaged, it proves to be impossible for the patient to lift the foot. So far these diseases are treated with a splint, avoiding the patients foot to dangle. In contrast to that the Peroneus boot offers quite some advantages and is a lot easier in use.

In cooperation with Orthopädieschuhmacher champion Beate Kandler from Krefeld we have developed a Peroneusstiefel with integrated stiffening element, in which the foot is held in "walking position" without additional splint. This technology is unique and patented!

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Favourable to wear Peroneus by Varomed®:

  • damage of the peroneal nerve in combination with foot flexor paresis

  • injuries in the calf area with peripheral neuropathic

  • to avoid wearing a Peroneus splint


ADVANTAGES offered by Peroneus by Varomed®:

  • patients with hemiplegia are able to open and close the fasteners with one hand

  • great shaft height in toe zone offers enough room for potential clenching toes at occasional injecting spasticity

  • already integrated element for the lifting of the foot

  • counterpart available without stiffening component

  • no putting on of a additional Peroneus splint

  • roll over function improves gait pattern

  • softly padded shaft made from Nappa for pleasant wearing comfort

  • suitable for personal inlays

  • piecewise available

  • almost seamless