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Heel spurs (calcaneal)

The heel spur is an ossification of the tendon insertion on the calcaneus. A distinction is made at the tread surface or the more rare "rear heel Sports" at the back of the foot between the "bottom". It is caused by overloading of the tendon insertion and manifests itself as a peak bone overgrowth.

Often, these heel spurs consist over very long time without causing substantial discomfort. When it comes to a state of irritation, inflamed the region, a normal rolling process during walking without treatment is usually no longer possible. Not the presence of a heel spur causes the discomfort, but the inflamed tendons.

What can you do?

  • let heel spur insert customize the orthopaedic shoemaker

  • alternatively: Wear shoes with good shock absorption in the heel area

  • physiotherapy (muscle strain)

  • only in exceptional cases: Operation