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About the foot ...

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The foot and its most common problems:

Almost everyone is born with healthy feet. Statistics show that more than half of all adults suffer from foot problems!

The main reasons:

  • wrong shoes

  • overweight

  • accidents

  • hard professional work

Since more women than man are affected, it is most probable that wrong footwear is the reason number one for defomities. Still, many customers focus on visual aspects and the shoes price rather than considering proper and comfortable fit. As a result one is afflicted by pain or deformities.

As a general rule a great deal of those podologic problems can be avoided by choosing the right footwear. A healthy foot does not take offence in wearing a high heel at an evening event. However, your everyday shoes should fit in both length and width, having a soft cushion supporting your foots transverse arch. A well fitting one is always a wise investment – in your health as well.

Varomed - Fußdeformationen vorbeugen mit richtigem Schuhwerk

Especially if you are afflicted by deformations it is even more important:

The proper shoes meeting your feet demands are essential to any further development of your feet and have a great influence on your future quality of life!