Varomed® Products with Teveno technology


Sewn into all Varomed shoes with Teveno technology is an
air-filled heel pad.
This pad is directly connected to an empty air pocket in the
medial ankle region. When pressure is placed on the heel
the fixed air pocket inflates.

This air pocket exerts pressure on the venous system. Blood is then carried from the superficial venous system into
the deep leg vein system. In this way, you can actively promote a healthy rate of venous return via the leg vein system,
and treat swollen legs and vein problems with every step and every movement of your foot.

When should you consider wearing Varomed® products with Teveno technology?

  • for arteriovenous malformations, e.g. venous leg ulcers
  • to improve lymphatic circulation
  • for chronic venous insufficiency
  • for peripheral artery disease
  • for diabetic foot syndrome
  • to facilitate tissue repair
  • to prevent thrombosis

What are the benefi ts of Varomed® products with Teveno technology?

  • significantly aid the return of venous blood towards the heart
  • qualify as a form of intermittent pneumatic compression

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