Varomed® Peroneus Boots

The causes of peroneal nerve numbness are varied, the most common ones being heart attacks, slipped discs, and multiple sclerosis. But the result is always the same. If the nerve controlling the muscles that lift the foot is damaged, the patient cannot raise that foot. Until now most patients with partial peroneal paralysis were given an ankle brace.

Our peroneus boot, however, in addition to being easier to handle, has a number of other advantages over such a device.

When should you consider wearing a Varomed® peroneus boots?

  • when you have been advised against wearing an ankle brace
  • for peroneal nerve damage and foot drop
  • for calf injuries or peripheral neuropathy

What are the benefits of a Varomed® peroneus boots?

  • patients paralysed on one side can open and close the Velcro straps with one hand
  • tall upper in the toe area leaves enough room in case of cramps or spasms
  • well-padded upper made from nappa leather provides extra comfort
  • width can be finely adjusted thanks to Velcro straps with eyelets
  • removes the need to purchase a separate ankle brace
  • a matching shoe can be bought without the stiffener
  • device for raising the foot is built into the shoe
  • flex of the boot ensures a healthy gait
  • no interior seams, to prevent irritation
  • suitable for customised insoles
  • available to buy individually

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