Varomed® Heel Spur System

What is the Varomed heel spur system?

The Varomed heel spur system consists of a pressure-alleviating insole and a complementary shoe.

The shoe’s sole has extremely soft, integrated padding in the heel region. For wearers with severe heel spurs, this ensures that the sole does not put pressure on the painful spot.

Incorporated into the purpose-built heel spur insole, in the calcaneal spur area, is a soft layer of special padding.
This alleviates pressure in the painful heel region while you walk. The cork edges provide stability for the entire foot.
An integrated splay-foot truss pad relieves pressure from the metatarsal heads, activating and training the foot muscles.
The insole is covered with a layer of soft micro-velour that is gentle on skin.

The Varomed heel spur system therefore provides two forms of pressure alleviation to heel spur sufferers.


When should your consider wearing the Varomed® heel spur system?

  • as a long-term solution to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • as a temporary solution, while you wait for your custom heel spur insole to be made

What are the benefits of the Varomed® heel spur system?

  • integrated system consisting of a heel spur shoe and heel spur insole
  • soft padding in the sole and insole alleviates pressure in the painful heel region
  • increased volume - for especially large or severely swollen feet
  • insole can be adjusted to personal needs by experts
  • stable sole with a large surface areat

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