Well-fitting shoes are essential for healthy feet

Walking, running, standing – our feet accomplish some incredible feats. They support the weight of our entire body and are used every single day. That is why they must be treated well. Above all, you must always wear comfortable shoes that fit the length and width of your feet perfectly. This is even more important if you suffer from foot malpositions, splayfoot or hallux valgus.

Not too big, nor too tight - Shoes that are too big or too tight lead to foot malpositions.

Though almost everyone is born with healthy feet, statistics show that more than half of all adults suffer from foot problems – and the majority of these problems can be avoided by choosing the correct shoes.

The size and width of the shoe are vital for getting the correct fit. It is important to have enough room between your toes and the end of the shoe. But shoes should not be too big; otherwise your feet do not get enough support, and they slide around and bang into the shoe. If the shoe is too tight, however, it will squeeze your foot.

You can tell you have chosen the correct shoe width by checking whether the foot at its widest point – in the ball area – sits firmly in the shoe without being pinched. Foot malpositions or orthopaedic insoles can often lead to shoes becoming too tight. This can create more pressure points, which cause foot cramps and can make walking a painful activity. That is why we offer our comfort shoes – for feet with a wide range of needs, such as sufferers of diabetes, hallux valgus, hammer and claw toes – in a number of different widths.

Finding the Correct Shoe Width

Shoe widths are given as letters, in ascending alphabetical order.

For example, Width F is suitable for narrow feet, Width G for standard width feet, and Width H for sturdy feet. If this is not sufficient, you can choose the special Width K. Shoes for feet wrapped in bandages or compresses should have therapy shoe Width L. It is recommended that you have the width of your feet measured by a professional when buying shoes, so that they will fit perfectly.

We offer shoes in the following widths:

Width F - Narrow width: for narrow feet
Width G - Standard width: for normal feet
Width H - Slightly wider width: for sturdy or slightly swollen feet
Width K - Wider width: for large or very swollen feet
Width L - Therapy shoe width: for very badly swollen or bandaged feet
Width R / XXL - Extra large width: for very thick bandages or those suffering from lymphedema

Instructions for determining your correct shoe size and foot width

How do I measure my shoe size and the width of my feet correctly?

Each foot is unique: We will show you a simple method to determine your shoe size and foot width.

Before you start, you will need a sheet of paper and a tape measure.

Measure your bare foot while standing upright. Stand with equal pressure on both feet. We recommend you have someone else take the measurement.

Once you are standing upright with equal pressure on both feet, the person helping you can start to trace the outline of your feet onto the paper.

Place a book at the heel to mark the back of your foot.


  1. You can determine the length of your foot by measuring the outline on the paper from the tip of the heel to your longest toe. This measurement determines your shoe size. You must add 5mm to this value for your toes to have sufficient space.
  2. The width of your foot is determined by loosely wrapping the tape measure around your foot at its widest point – in the front third, around the ball area – and measuring the horizontal value.
  3. Download our measurement table here.  Or simply open up our Varomed catalogue to page 6. Have a look at the table: it will show you the two digits your chosen model starts with. If your chosen model starts with the digits 77 for instance, then you can find out which size and width you will need by looking up product group 77 in the table. If you have picked a model that starts with the number 31, you must look up your measurements under product group 31 in the table.

If you are not sure whether your measurements are correct, we would be happy to advise you!